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Shreeman is the ultimate destination for exquisite traditional fashion attire. As an e-commerce  

platform, it is dedicated to curating a stunning collection of ethnic Indian wear for both men and women, perfect for special occasions like weddings and receptions. Their mission is to celebrate the rich heritage of Indian fashion by offering a diverse range of meticulously crafted outfits that embody elegance, grace, and timeless style. With a focus on quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, they aim to make the shopping experience truly memorable.  Step into the world of Shreeman and embrace the beauty of traditional Indian fashion like never before.

The Challenges

Limited Reach
Competitive Disadvantage
No online presence
Limited Product Showcase
Brand Reputation
Project Challenges
Safeguarding Image
Jawed Habib’s Brand
Diligent Preservation

Eta Solution


Increased Reach & Enhanced Brand Visibility


Improved Customer Engagement & Higher Sales Conversion


Stronger Brand Credibility & Effective Marketing Opportunities


Valuable Customer Insights & Competitive Advantage


Increased Operational Efficiency & Long-Term Growth Potential

How we made it possible

Step 1
Define Goals

Outlined website objectives for sales, awareness, and product showcase.

Step 2
Plan Structure

Organized logical sections and pages for easy navigation and browsing.

Step 3
Compelling Design

Visually appealing interface reflecting brand aesthetics, using high-quality images and legible typography.

Eta Solutions has proven to be a transformative partner for Shreeman, delivering a myriad of impactful benefits. With increased reach and enhanced brand visibility, Shreeman’s presence expanded exponentially. Improved customer engagement and higher sales conversion rates underscored the effectiveness of their collaborative efforts.
The strengthened brand credibility and effective marketing opportunities enabled Shreeman to stand out in a competitive landscape.
Moreover, the access to valuable customer insights provided a strategic edge, while the streamlined operational efficiency paved the way for sustainable long-term growth.
Together, these outcomes exemplify the invaluable impact of Eta Solutions on Shreeman’s success.

Amplified Market Impact

  • Increased Reach & Brand Visibility
  • Improved Customer Engagement & Sales Conversion
  •  Effective Marketing Opportunities & Competitive Advantage

Strengthened Business Foundations

  • Stronger Brand Credibility & Valuable Customer Insights
  •  Enhanced Operational Efficiency & Long-Term Growth Potential

 Elevation towards Success 

  • A powerful combination of transformative benefits provided by Eta Solutions enables Shreeman to thrive, expanding its market impact, fortifying the business’s foundations, and propelling it towards enduring success.

Service Deployed

Rebranding Consulting
Web Development