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Jawed Habib

October 27, 2023 2023-10-27 9:01


Jawed Habib, a prominent hair and beauty salon and academy chain in India, partnered with  

Eta Solution for a 90-day digital marketing project. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Jawed Habib’s business thrived, achieving an impressive milestone of 1 million impressions within a quarter. As a leading brand in the industry, Jawed Habib’s market analysis and competition assessment allowed Eta Solution to develop a tailored plan.

The Challenges

Project Challenges
Jawed Habib’s Brand
Brand Reputation
Safeguarding Image
Diligent Preservation
Brand Reputation
Project Challenges
Safeguarding Image
Jawed Habib’s Brand
Diligent Preservation

Eta Solution


Eta Solution tackled obstacles proactively


Embracing innovation, they faced new challenges


Creative strategy elevated digital presence


Unique content curated for the brand


Overcoming obstacles with innovative ideas

How we have done this

Step 1
Eta Solution took a proactive stance, embracing new challenges with determination and agility. Their proactive approach allowed them to stay ahead of potential roadblocks and effectively address unforeseen obstacles.
Step 2
Recognizing the significance of innovation, Eta Solution infused fresh ideas into their strategies. By exploring unconventional avenues and thinking outside the box, they devised creative approaches that set the brand apart from competitors.
Step 3
Leveraging their expertise, Eta Solution carefully curated unique and compelling content. With a focus on authenticity and relevance, they crafted captivating narratives that resonated with the target audience, enhancing the brand's digital presence.
Step 4
A meticulous and creative strategy became the cornerstone of Eta Solution's efforts. They analyzed market trends, competitor insights, and customer preferences, shaping a comprehensive plan that aligned with the brand's identity and goals
Step 5
Throughout the journey, Eta Solution's commitment to excellence and innovative problem-solving resulted in the successful navigation of challenges. Their unwavering dedication ensured a strengthened digital presence and ultimately elevated the brand's overall performance.

Eta Solution’s strategic deployment of social media management, content creation, data analytics, influencer marketing, and paid advertising culminated in impressive results. With increased reach, engaged followers, and brand growth, their comprehensive approach solidified Jawed Habib’s digital presence, positioning the brand for continued success.

Instagram Reach : Reached 6,000 users on Instagram, engaging a wider audience

 Facebook Reach : Reached 300 users on Facebook, expanding the brand’s online presence.

New Followers : Experienced 46.7% growth in new followers within the first week, indicating a strong and enthusiastic following.

Service Deployed

Social Media Management
Data Analytics
Content Creation
Brand consulting

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