Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content to attract customers. It has grown from a niche practice into a multi-billion dollar industry.

With over 100 million dollars> spent on content marketing in 2016 alone. In 2020, over 50% of marketers used content marketing for attracting customers.

The goal of businesses is to create a successful campaign. Along with finding ways to make themselves stand out.

Over 62% of B2B work happened via content marketing in the first half of 2021. And the trend is growing.

It is clear that content marketing has a very important role in the future of business.

To understand what the future scope of content marketing will be, we must look at how it’s evolved so far.

The first wave of Content Marketing was traditional advertising. Then came word-of-mouth marketing. Today it’s called viral marketing or buzz marketing.

It can refer to either positive or negative publicity about a product.

As content marketing has been for a long time, it’s safe to say that Content marketing is here to stay.

The main question is, “What does the future hold for content marketing?”

Here are some trends to look out for.

1. Mobile Friendly content is going to rule:

Ask yourself. How much content do you see on your mobile? Whether it’s blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, the common theme is the same. The content should be designed for mobile viewers more. This means smaller sentences with more highlights, shorter paragraphs with more spacing.

And a reasonable alteration in the number of words used in sentences to keep the reader engaged.

2. Personalized content = more trust.

The more personal the content, the better the reader’s experience.

Creating personal brings in more trust and even more customers in the long run. It’s a silver bullet and can set you apart from a lot of your competition.

But it also requires extensive research about your customers that can take a long time. It provides a lot of benefits for you and your customer. You get a regular prospect while your customer gets help every step of the way.

There are 4 main types of search intents:

Transactional search: Looking to buy something (Best if you have an affiliate plan)

Commercial/Investigative search: One step before transactional. Here the customer is looking for the right product.

Informational search: The customer is only looking for information. It can be educational, or entertainment.

Navigational search: The customer is looking for a way to find his/her product/address.

By taking this into account and a lot of research, we can find out about our ideal customer.

3. Video vs Article= Video wins.

This is by far the most important factor.

Content marketing is all about attention retention. It’s noted that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video, compared to 10% when reading text.

Watching a video is more convenient compared to reading a full article.

Hence, the best thing to do here is to focus on improving the script of the video. The better the script, the better the video quality.

These are a few trends that have shown up again and again. Content marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and transforming even faster.

When businesses make their content a priority, they also make their service a priority.