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Cake By Krupa

October 27, 2023 2023-10-27 10:09

Cakes By Krupa is Ahmedabad’s premier cake maker, specializing in crafting delightful memories for people. Seeking to expand their reach and share the delectable desserts with more cake enthusiasts, they partnered with Eta Solution for exceptional digital marketing services.

With Eta Solution’s expertise, its brand has blossomed, reaching every corner of Ahmedabad and beyond.
The online presence has flourished, and has even connected with countless new customers, From boosting social media engagement to optimizing their website, Eta Solution’s strategies have proven to be a recipe for success.


The Challenges

Branding with attractive designs
Captivating brand identity challenge
Highlight unique selling points
Retain loyalty, attract new customers
Seamless implementation across platforms

Eta Solution

Trust and consumer acquisition
Daily social media stories
Innovative campaign event success

Capturing attention with a creative campaign

Brand House engagement strategy

How we have done this

Step 1 : Reimagined brand identity

The direction was important for Cakes By Krupa, and it had to be resonating with modern consumers and showcase eggless cakes’ uniqueness with artistic designs.

Step 2 : Daily social media posts

The posts featured captivating cake designs and strong CTAs, driving traffic to the website and generating anticipation for new creations.

Step 3 : Engaged actively with the audience

This was done to foster genuine connections, value feedback, and leverage testimonials to gain trust and build a loyal customer base.

In conclusion, Cakes By Krupa’s journey of brand restructuring and captivating redesign brought remarkable benefits. Within just 60 days, the brand successfully relaunched, resonating with the target audience and generating excitement. A strong online presence, coupled with strategic collaborations, expanded their reach, while seamless distribution processes ensured wide accessibility. With continuous web development and support, Cakes By Krupa positioned itself as a trusted destination for eggless cakes with artistic designs. Embracing innovation and customer engagement, the brand forged lasting connections, earning 1000 new followers and an impressive 76,929 Instagram reach.

Reach 76,929 on Instagram. Gain 1,000 new followers!

 6,221 profiles visited Instagram within a month

Facebook: 1,208 visits, 52,700 reach in 90 days. Impressive!

Service Deployed

Content Marketing

Rebranding Consulting

Web Development

Influencer Marketing